Bimini Kiteboarding is your destination for all things kiteboarding in Bimini, Bahamas. We offer advice and suggestions from where to ride, where to stay, how to get around and where to eat, drink and play.

Our adventure began in early 2019 during a vacation to this tiny island paradise. We were amazed to find endless deserted beaches and near perfect kiteboarding conditions but a complete lack of kiteboarding culture… We couldn’t even find a single other kiteboarder! Then we got to thinking…

Is Bimini the best kept secret in the Caribbean?

Our hope is that with this venture and through our website more kiteboarders will be inspired to visit Bimini and can experience the wonderful conditions and amazing local culture that Bimini has to offer.

Let us help you plan your kiteboarding trip in Bimini – Contact us for more information about kiteboarding adventures in Bimini, Bahamas!