Bimini, Bahamas: The Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean?

What do kiteboarding adventure seekers look for in a vacation? Remote locations? Steady winds? Endless beaches? Sure, there are many places around the world that offer exceptional kiteboarding vacations, but not many can compete with this place! We explore why Bimini may be the best kept secret in the Caribbean – and a spot that should definitely be at the top of your bucket list.

Location, Location, Location

Bimini is located only 50 miles from the East coast of Florida, making it one of the most easily accessible islands in the Bahamas. From Miami, a quick ferry ride has you there in just less than three hours… Take a seaplane and you cut that time down to under an hour!

Balearia Caribbean ( or Tropic Ocean Airways ( are just a few of the options for travelling from Florida to Bimini.

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