Bimini offers several great kiteboarding locations, and you can generally ride from any wind direction. Although it is known as a flat water destination, there are plenty of opportunity to experience a variety of conditions, from flats and lagoons to small waves and ocean riding.

Bimini covers around 7 miles total and is made up of two main islands – North and South Bimini, but moving between the islands is quick and easy thanks to the local ferry. Some locations are remote and only accessible on foot, but are generally worth the hike. Below we outline some of the best kiteboarding locations from easiest and most accessible, to more remote and advanced.

South Bimini / The Beach Club

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The Southern point of the South Bimini in Port Royal offers a stretch of beach and a shallow lagoon stretching for many miles. At the time of writing the beach club is closed, but this location remains a great spot for beginners and advanced riders alike. A large safe and protected area plus a huge range of wind directions make this is one of our favourite spots in Bimini!

Water access is available at several points along the beach. We prefer the beach access point across the street from the Bimini Shark Lab. At low tide there is quite a bit of exposed sand for rigging and launching. At high tide you will need to rig up on the beach or grass and walk out in the shallows to do a drift or assisted launch.

The conditions are mostly flat with some small waves and chop depending on the direction.

Directions: S, SE, SW, E, W

South Bimini / South Beach

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On the Western side of South Bimini you will find a long stretch of beach in front of and to the South of the Bimini Sands Resort and Marina. This spot can offer wave riding depending on the swell and wind direction. There is a good amount of beach front for rigging, launching and landing kites. The beach drops off and the water becomes deep quickly, so an assisted launch is recommended. It can be a popular spot for tourists during peak season so be careful when launching or landing. This is also a great location for foiling given the deeper water.

Directions: SW, W, NW

North Bimini / Native Channel Beach

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This is one of Bimini’s more remote and secluded spots and also one of our favourites! located on the Eastern side of North Bimini, you can access this location on foot in about 45 minutes, or by boat in 15. This is a beautiful spot to spend the day, but come prepared with plenty of food and water to keep you going.

With tons of kiteable area this spot offers both a shallow sandy area (great for beginners) and a few small wave breaks further out. There is a channel that connects the inner bay to the ocean that can have strong tidal flow at peak times. At low tide the area becomes very shallow with lots of exposed sand. There is plenty of space for rigging, launching and riding.

Directions: N, NE, E, SE