Travelling in Bimini can be an adventure in itself! Bahamian roads are left hand drive, although you will see a mix of American and European cars, as well as plenty of golf carts. The ratio of cars to golf carts is actually about 50/50!

Taxi / Shuttle

There are a good number of taxis and shuttles on both North and South Bimini and since it’s really not a big place most rides are under $15. This is a good option for getting to/from the airport or ferry with your gear when you arrive and depart.

Golf Cart Rental

By far the best way to see Bimini is to pick up a golf cart from one of the several companies offering rentals. The going rate is $70-80/day but if you are in town for several days be sure to negotiate or ask for discount. A good weekly rate is around $65/day. Carts are in abundance and generally the staff will approach arriving travelers with cart offers so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to rent from.

North/South Bimini Ferry

Bimini is actually two separate islands separated by a narrow channel. There is a small ferry operation providing transport from one side to the other. It runs pretty consistently throughout the day and up until around 10pm. The cost for the ferry is $3/person each way and the wait is generally under 10 minutes.

Biking / Walking

Bike rentals are available and can be a great way to see the island while getting some exercise. Bike rentals are available at the resort and big game club, as well as from a few local shops. Walking is another great way to see the island and since it’s not a big place, you can generally get around pretty quickly. That said, these are probably not the best options when travelling to different kite spots unless you are willing to lug your gear for miles!